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    elegy - Dictionary definition and meaning for word elegy

    (noun) a mournful poem; a lament for the dead
    Synonyms : lament
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for elegy

E(a)-LEGY(legendry).....so if a legendry person dies......people sing a mournful poem or people lament or regret for his death.....

sounds like eulogy...

basically this is taken from a greek elegos which is a song of mourning .........and we mourn if someone dies

elegy => clergy. Clergy lives in church => ....

think of Alizee singing a sad song

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LG ke tv par elegy aa rahi hai

Imagine a caterpillar falls on u..so u start an ELEGY bcoz of da ALLERGY

When somebody dies then CLERGY is called to sing a ELEGY

sounds like ee lagi >>> usako lagi toh woh marr gaya... ab marr gaya toh log usake liye Lament gane lage..

sounds like "ELI Gaali" so u mourn for that n write a poem :P

No Body buys LG tv because it only shows ELEGY (Death poems)

elegy= ele (comes) + gy (went); the ppl ho has come one time will surely go from this world this is oing to understand by neighborhood to the dead person son.

elegy sounds like ye le ji. in the funeral, as he is going we are saying that take this with u, the song or poem elegy- ye le gy(take this in hindi)

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