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    duress - Dictionary definition and meaning for word duress

    (noun) compulsory force or threat
    Example Sentence
    • confessed under duress
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for duress

u + dress; that is u enforce your wife to put on a particular dress.

Remember "durex". U r forced and restrained to use a condom to safeguard urself from STDs

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dure means hard like in endure.. so duress also means hard condition thats forcible..

Duress rhymes with 'stress'

DURess(logon se dur)..when you are away rom people, you are in duress

duress - darr se

DUring REStraint->DURESS:when u say somebody did something under DURESS u mean that they did it during a period of restraint and thus, were forced to do it

do+stress = duress

Duress= Do + rest..> Your boss got a job of completing 10 files and he threats you by saying I will do one, you do the rest.

He put her under DURESS to DO LESS Curse

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