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    dissolution - Dictionary definition and meaning for word dissolution

    (noun) separation into component parts
    Synonyms : disintegration
    (noun) the process of going into solution
    Synonyms : dissolving
    Example Sentence
    • the dissolving of salt in water
    (noun) dissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure Definition
    (noun) the termination of a meeting
    Synonyms : adjournment
    (noun) the termination or disintegration of a relationship (between persons or nations)
    Synonyms : breakup
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dissolution is the opposite of resolution. When you make a resolution you make a promise, when you make a dissolution you BREAK or dissolve the promise!

came from "dissolve" when a thing dissolve into another ,it itself disintegrate...

dissolution; dissolve some thing or terminate it..

Picture a sugar cube DISSOLVING in a spoon filled with a SOLUTION of hot tea. DISSOLVING SOLUTION

Dissolve into solution : Disintegrate bonds ; Like water - loose (Loose in morals too)

Dissolution = Looseness in morals ---> Imagine the population is a homogenous mixture, all have accepted behaviour, except the DISSOLUTE mass of people who are the dissipated mass of this mixture, they have no morals

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