despondent - Dictionary definition and meaning for word despondent

(adj) without or almost without hope
Synonyms : heartsick
Example Sentence
  • despondent about his failure
  • too heartsick to fight back

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the word despondant looks like pepsodent. So wen u don't brush in the morning... Ur day will be gloomy and depressing.
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think like des 'pond'-> 'ponder' when we dont ponder(think) eventually we lose hope
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DEreSPOND...means no response...a person who is in low spirits doesn't respond hence suffer from despondency
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desp+on+dent = desperate person dented (hit emotionally) = gloomy and depressed...
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relate it with response. one who is in good mood gives response. one who is depressed relate it to response. one who is cheerful gives response, one who is depressed(despondent) does not give ane response.
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despondent is like desperate, (also called despo in slang).. he loses almost all hope
4        2
when u get disappointed by something....thn u become depress by it
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Imagine a sad and hopeless person sitting on the edge of a 'pond' and 'pondering' over his misfortune....desPONDent.
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2        3
Because North Korea is ruled by a despot, the whole country feels hopeless.
1        2
despondent=desh already is in ponded in corruption no body can rectify it...
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rem with correspondent-take despondent as removing him from post-so he will be depressed,gloomy.
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sounds like de + sponsor. You would be desponsored only if they lose hope on you and give up on you
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if you don't score good in GRE even after diligent hardwork u feel despondent
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DE+ (corre)SPONDENT : if u are even replying to a correspondent then u r very DEPRESSED and GLOOMY.
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opposite of respondant (cheerful)....
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despondent : des (this) + ponde (pond) + nt (not); We are despondent as 'this pond' also does 'not' have any water and there is no other source of water left in our village.
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when u r 'Respondent' u r not 'Respondent', u r too 'depressed' to answer and talk to others
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in despair, disappointed, not responding, depressed, sitting near a pond and pondering in gloom
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