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    despicable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word despicable

    (adj) morally reprehensible
    Synonyms : slimy , ugly , unworthy , vile , worthless , wretched
    Example Sentence
    • would do something as despicable as murder
    • ugly crimes
    • the vile development of slavery appalled them
    • a slimy little liar
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for despicable

DE(not)+SPEAKable....a person about whom we even don't talk is too MEAN, WORTHLESS...

here Pic + able means having a good pic and DES is a negative word so not a good pic i.e Ugly pic

the despicable way he treats those dogs is not speakable.

despicable = des (country) + pi(pied means corrupt)+ cable : des is become pied showing in cable tv.

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