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    decorum - Dictionary definition and meaning for word decorum

    (noun) propriety in manners and conduct
    Synonyms : decorousness
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for decorum

"decor um"; decor them to make them more proper and correct

DECO (dekho) yaar, RUM pine ke baad, there is very little possibility that you will be in ORDERLINESS and GOOD MANNERS, CONDUCT.

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decorum -- decoration . If something is decorated everything is in order and in good manner.

Decoru....decorate....to decorate our house in Festivals is a DECORUM...

If you call someone a "dick-or-umm" at the dinner table then that is bad manners!

To be proper you must DECORATE the ballroom.

dec+or+rum he will be good in speech, behavior, dress, formal politeness, orderliness, seemliness, decency.

you have to be decorum in most of the forums otherwist you'll be thrown out.

decorum ~ accord ~ according to : approriateness of behavior

decorum(deco=decorated,rum=rum) the decorated rum looks in order and taste good

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