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    probe - Dictionary definition and meaning for word probe

    (noun) an inquiry into unfamiliar or questionable activities
    Synonyms : investigation
    Example Sentence
    • there was a congressional probe into the scandal
    (noun) a flexible slender surgical instrument with a blunt end that is used to explore wounds or body cavities Definition
    (noun) an exploratory action or expedition Definition
    (noun) an investigation conducted using a flexible surgical instrument to explore an injury or a body cavity Definition
    (verb) question or examine thoroughly and closely
    Synonyms : examine
    (verb) examine physically with or as if with a probe
    Synonyms : dig into , poke into
    Example Sentence
    • probe an anthill
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In the Movie the MUMMY, when the Hero attempted to ROB("pROBe") the treasure of Egypt,he EXPLORED or INVESTIGATED new Facts about the MUMMY.

"probe" = "problem" , when you 'explore with tools' the new things , new problems arise :)

probe a wire used to connect from oscilloscope to the circuit to analyse the wave form and voltage. means tool for analysis

(For engineers) In electronics, a probe normally used with oscilloscope to examine waves.

a probe is connected to oscilloscope to TEST signals

Perfect ROBE Examination:investigation questioning done to find how perfect robe is made

Police uses probe to bit prisoner while investigation.

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