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    converge - Dictionary definition and meaning for word converge

    (verb) be adjacent or come together
    Synonyms : meet
    Example Sentence
    • The lines converge at this point
    (verb) approach a limit as the number of terms increases without limit Definition
    (verb) move or draw together at a certain location
    Example Sentence
    • The crowd converged on the movie star
    (verb) come together so as to form a single product
    Example Sentence
    • Social forces converged to bring the Fascists back to power
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for converge

Co- together Verge- become one

: in a CONVEx lens, light rays meet at a common point, and CONVERGEnce is a property of meeting at a common point

Converge (Sounds like COme aNd mERGE)

co + verge similar to merge.. merge can happen if things come together

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