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    conundrum - Dictionary definition and meaning for word conundrum

    (noun) a difficult problem
    Synonyms : brain-teaser , enigma , riddle
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for conundrum

drum ke andar kaun hai

Hey this rock start got only one "drum", how he is going to do the show!! It's a difficult situation.


Can+ any one lift is drum?? As it is a difficult problem.

CONUNDRUM: KAUN(who) UNDUR(indside); so whos inside...if sme one asks u this,ur puzzled since its difficult to guess

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Whiche one came first? Unda(egg)? or murgi(chicken), we can spell it like "Kon unda?". Means this is a puzzle(problem) without a solution

co-nun-drums. two nuns to beat the drum. difficult thing

Drum under a cone is ok.....But a cone-under-drum is a puzzle.(Imagine cone and drum are solid structures closed on all surfaces.)

finding total volume of this 'conun' drum is very difficult.... i.e a maths conundrum


co+nun+d+rum— NUN CO RUM—making a nun drink rum is difficult and confusing problem

conundrum - riddles and puzzles 'cons' from 'under' your brain

Cone and Rhombus related problem were very difficult

con(kaun) + undr(andar)>> kaun hai andar yeh ekk puzzle hi hai....

condrum...kaun(con) drum bajaayega...its a puzzle

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text: but returning to your key conundrum
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