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    congeal - Dictionary definition and meaning for word congeal

    (verb) become gelatinous
    Synonyms : jell , set
    Example Sentence
    • the liquid jelled after we added the enzyme
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for congeal

con + geal..geal...gelatinous..means to coagulate

con geal here geal sounds like jelly so congeal = co + jelly

CON(contract in size)+GELLY.....contract a substance which is in gelly(semisolid) form i.e to FREEZE it......hence congeal.....


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con(together)+geal(jell)...jell together..nothing but solidify

eal(eel)- eel is generally found in the frozen area,water that is coagulated..

congeal=con(become)+geal(gelly)...g=becoming thicker(gelatin type)....

SOUNDS LIKE ANGEER , which is a dry fruit so its thick

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