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    collusion - Dictionary definition and meaning for word collusion

    (noun) secret agreement Definition
    (noun) agreement on a secret plot
    Synonyms : connivance
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for collusion

people who involve in collusion, try to create an Illusion that everything is fine

You can just see some Illusions of a collusion.

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ollu- resembles ullu(owl) ,,ullu banaya..vo fraud nikala..

collusion: sounds like कालू-योजन(आ) means some evil plans

co-illusion illusion created by a secret agreement among the group of people

collision of ppl wid "kala vision" or bad prpos...so conspiracy...

You might make an allusion about a collusion, but you wouldn't talk about it openly

conclusion of collusion

See as COL. see an illusion of Agreement b/w two countries...

Etymology: from Old French collusion; from Latin collusionem, "act of colluding"; from colludere, from com-, "together" + ludere, "to play"; from ludus "game".

Terrorist having a Collusion about an Explosion

(sounds like illusion): That they have secret agreement, it was his illusion.

relate with Collision of alpha n beta particles in radioactive element experiments.. such experiments are done under secret

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