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    collation - Dictionary definition and meaning for word collation

    (noun) a light informal meal
    Synonyms : bite , snack
    (noun) assembling in proper numerical or logical sequence Definition
    (noun) careful examination and comparison to note points of disagreement
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for collation

col(collage)+late+on -->if u r late for coll u can have only a light meal :)

Collation is a light meal,often offered to guests when there is insufficient time for fuller entertainment. It is often rendered cold collation in reference to the usual lack of hot or cooked food. COLD FOOD AT OCCASION= COLLATION

If I don't have time to eat have COLA instead - that would be light.Cola+Tiffin=Collation.

think of it as CALL-AT-ON...ur girlfriend call u for a light meal at her home..

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split as cold + nation >> in cold nations(where the temperature is usually low), we get only fried chicken or salads for meals, which is a kind of light meal for we indians...

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