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cloying - Dictionary definition and meaning for word cloying

(adj) overly sweet
Synonyms : saccharine , syrupy , treacly

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for cloying

remember CLOVE--excessive addition of clove in the food makes the food distasteful..
24       1

by hardiksb

sounds like toying means playing with someone like a toy. It is very sweet to that person but distasteful to the society.
6       19

by cp.jethani

cloy is like clay...which is distasteful
6       4

by sai dasika

cloying sounds very close to annoying
4       2

by jay_gandhi

cloying-loy- loy, a gr8 musician, his songs were gr8 to hear in the starting,but now,,its him everywhere,cz of which the true taste of his good music,has been lost..
1       24

by sriharisharma

cloying== coying we know coy means shy or excessively modest, if someone is too shy or modest than its distasteful!!!!!!
0       3

by nasri

The cloying scent of popcorn at the fair is a PLOY to get you to buy more popcorn.
0       1

by dshefman

cloying,loyal ppl used to play with girls.which is unpleasent
0       1

by gdabli

cloying sounds like 'clawing' something to your mouth and then its sickening sweetness puts you off
0       0

by saketcmf

closing the restaurant due to cloying food
0       0

by raghavat

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