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    clangor - Dictionary definition and meaning for word clangor

    (noun) a loud resonant repeating noise
    Synonyms : clang , clangoring , clangour , clank , clash , crash
    Example Sentence
    • he could hear the clang of distant bells
    (verb) make a loud resonant noise
    Synonyms : clangour
    Example Sentence
    • the alarm clangored throughout the building
    (verb) make a loud noise
    Synonyms : clang
    Example Sentence
    • clanging metal
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for clangor

langur(monkey)- sound of langur is loud and resounding.

Clangor sounds like anger...

clangor ~ CLANG ~ sounds like BANG..so BANGer is lound repeated noise

BANG+HER:In movies(A) when the bad guy says " Lets BANG HER(rape her)" then understanding their moves heroine shouts a loud for her HERO or BOYFRIEND

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remember the bells that make clang clang clang sounds

Chekhing like LANGOR

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