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    cavil - Dictionary definition and meaning for word cavil

    (noun) an evasion of the point of an argument by raising irrelevant distinctions or objections
    Synonyms : quibble , quiddity
    (verb) raise trivial objections
    Synonyms : carp , chicane
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for cavil

sounds like evil.. evil people always find unnecessary faults in the good..

'cavil' transformed as 'vakil', who used to put "objections" on each point of the opposition.

cavil has same meaning as calumny which means making false objections or remarks....i.e bahu is so KABIL (cavil) but saas caals her KALMUHI(calumny)

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c+avi+l avi relates to video extension..u unnecessarily find fault with some video

looks like KAABIL(potent in hindi) u dont make FRIVOLOUS OBJECTIONS to what KAABIL people say

cAVIL : AVIL is close to AVAIL and the meaning of cavil is to no avail, pointless arguments

c+avil..avil is a tablet which is banned...so govt has objections with avil

c+avil..avil is a tablet which is banned...so govt has objections with avil

(cava + vil= sewage in tamil)cleaning pipe line blocked only by ur bike tyre. Find faulty.

In BSG, "brother" Cavil (Dean Stockwell's charector) found fault with humanity for no good reason. To Cavil is to find fault without good reason.

cavil = ca+vile : vile is an adjective for acts which should be objected to. cavil is to make minor ojections for less vile acts

sounds like kaabil.. kaabil aadmi can find fault in others.

cavil has evil in it.so evil ppl makes unnecessary comments about somebody's will.

Namukku cavil pokam ennu paranjappol, orukaranavumillathe object cheythu. CAVIL = petty objection without a reason.

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