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    careen - Dictionary definition and meaning for word careen

    (noun) pitching dangerously to one side
    Synonyms : rock , sway , tilt
    (verb) walk as if unable to control one's movements
    Synonyms : keel , lurch , reel , stagger , swag
    Example Sentence
    • The drunken man staggered into the room
    (verb) move sideways or in an unsteady way
    Synonyms : shift , tilt , wobble
    Example Sentence
    • The ship careened out of control
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for careen

careen sounds like car in rain...car will MOVE IN AN UNSTEADY manner in the rain.

Careen <==> Karenna Kapoor (Bollywood Actress) swaying(lurching) her body while dancing

Its like career.In every persons life career will have ups and down

careen is derived from the word career- "to rush" so its To lurch or swerve while in rush

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remember hindi superstar Kareena and her boyfriends Saif and Shahid Kapoor, so she sways away side to side "kabhi shahid, kabhi saifu"

Associate with career : our career keeps swinging from one side to the other

car + lean -> car eans frm one side to another like its swaying!

remember bollywood actress kareena, who keeps swaying from one actor to another :-)

The sport car beside us started to CAREEN as soon as the light turned to GREEN, we were worried about the safety of the passengers in that car

to clean the rear part of the cab(tilted ship). We move side by side to tilt it.

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