Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for candor

Candor (Can + Do + r) During an interview you reflect your "Can Do" attitude to the interviewer.

Candor (Can + Do + or + not) tell me the truth can u do this or shud i go to sm1 else ??

Derived from "candid" which means truthful and honest opinion etc.

cando-r, in gujrati kando is onion, if we make some criminal,smell kando he becomes frank and openly honest and tells us everything

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Imagine my life lies behind a door. Then if I CAN open the DOoR to my life...I am open and honest...So I "CAN" open the "DOR"

CAN u come straight from DOoR?? dont come thru window...

CAN (Can't) DOR(Dar.In hindi Dar is to fear. so those who dont fear are open, frank and honest.

candidate should be candid, or have candor meaning to be honest or frank to people

Can+ dar; dar in hindi is don't be darpok, be frank..

candour UK , US candor noun [ U ] the quality of being honest and telling the truth, especially about a difficult or embarrassing subject "We really don't know what to do about it, " she said with surprising candour

candor is the door of honesty

children become stright forward and honest onlywhen you give them a candy

Imagine a can is talking to a door. The can is telling the door that he is fired, because the door is not an all-rounder. He is honestly telling the door. That is candor.

candor--> can+door if u "can" speak "truth" then all "doors" of heaven are open for u

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