canard - Dictionary definition and meaning for word canard

(noun) a deliberately misleading fabrication

Memory aid to help you memorize this

Remember Kannad movies...their fighting is so unreal..false... so remember canard as being a false portrayal.
214        17
canard - can hard, it can hardly happen. It is exaggerated.
37        9
Canarad--- Remember Narad Muni who use to spread false rumours.
14        3
Remember: I "canard" (cannot) believe that story!
3        6
can+hard--rumours can be hardly believed
2        3
can nerd(nard) spread rumours? No he can't!
1        0
CanarD~Kenar...In Share market you can hear false rumor particular share KENAR jonno.
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canard - canara bank server is hacked, is a false rumor or false report.
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