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    destitute - Dictionary definition and meaning for word destitute

    (adj) poor enough to need help from others Definition
    (adj) completely wanting or lacking
    Synonyms : barren , devoid , free , innocent
    Example Sentence
    • writing barren of insight
    • young recruits destitute of experience
    • innocent of literary merit
    • the sentence was devoid of meaning
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for destitute

desi+tit+cute like prostitute ->they r poor thats why they det into prostitution.... no hard feelings

Break it as DE+INSTITUE...that means the person whi has never been to any INSTITUTE..i.e. who is ILLITERATE is very poor

destitute ~ desi (indian) tutors are always ready to teach students in destitute condition for free.

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sounds like desi tute(tution)....so a guy who is attending tution in desi langaues shows he is very poor.

Dave's attitude (homophone of destitute) looks like a poor's.

Destitute sounds like 'this institute'; Imagine someone advising you "It's not worth studying in this institute, as it's difficult to get a job after studying from there and hence will destitute you (make you poor)."

Person who is not astute ends up being destitute.

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