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    beseech - Dictionary definition and meaning for word beseech

    (verb) ask for or request earnestly
    Synonyms : adjure , bid , conjure , entreat , press
    Example Sentence
    • The prophet bid all people to become good persons
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for beseech

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beseech rhymes wid BHEEKH (Hindi)

Bees (20) rupees de do plz

beggar begging for BAKSHEESH

divide it like-->be(beggar)+seech(seek)..all beggars always seek alms from us, so they PLEAD TO US or request earnestly.

by combining the mnemonics above we can write beseech == beekh + search. someone who search for beekh(beg).

Beseech= Be+ Seek(Ask money, needy)

Be + Seek >>> we seek something from others.. ie. almost begging...

be(we) +see(seek) ch(charity)- we seek charity--when we seek charity we ask for it or plead for it.

Be+ Sick >>> when we are sick of something, we BEG to god for avoiding this again to happen..

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