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    adjure - Dictionary definition and meaning for word adjure

    (verb) ask for or request earnestly
    Synonyms : beseech , bid , conjure , entreat , press
    Example Sentence
    • The prophet bid all people to become good persons
    (verb) command solemnly
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for adjure

The lawyer 'Adjured' the judge to 'Adjourn' the jury for the hour.

ADD+JEWAR(jewellery).....your wife is REQUESTING,DEMANDING you to buy some more jewellery

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ad+jure; ad = to, jure = jury always commands solemnly; so adjure = to command solemnly like jury

as soon as a jury is added to a case, jury will ask or order somebody to do something

HAZOOR(respected sir) - before hazoors we adjure.

ad+jure; ad=add, jure=sure; who is adjuring, wants to add a sure believe about solving his/her problem.

the jury adjured the judge to adjourn the jurney

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