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    benison - Dictionary definition and meaning for word benison

    (noun) a spoken blessing
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BENISON splits as "Bend" down my "son" when a son asks for blessing from his father or elder.

Beni(means good)+ son ~ you have a good son; you need blessings to have a good son.

sounds like BENSON cigarette which is curse for body. But Benison means the opposite-> blessing

beni+son-->After 10 years of marriage, the god finally blessed the couple with a SON.

god blessed "BEN" a SON

BeniSON- Blessed with a SON

BENSION : SOUNDS LIKE PENSION...getting pension after retirement is good.

can be co-related to {bene(GOOD) + speak(S) on(ON)} that means speaking good.

Benson Cigarette is a benison for smokers, lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Benison -->Ben-i-son(remember ben-10 on Cartoon Network ) Ben10 said I am a Son blessed with powers.

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