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    sepulcher - Dictionary definition and meaning for word sepulcher

    (noun) a chamber that is used as a grave
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for sepulcher

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it can be broken down into see(p)+ vulture .As vulture is human flesh eating animal will b found near tombs.

Sleep+HULCHAL- place where while sleeping u cant do any hulchul.

a vulture flies near the sepulchre for food...

SEPULCHER and PYRE which are more or less similar in sound, connect to the dead. While a SEPULCHER refers to a tomb (a burial), PYRE refers to the funeral pile which is lit up to cremate a dead body, a tradition prevalent in India

: SEPULCHER = SHE(se)+PULL(pul)+CHAIR(cher). She pulls chair to attend ghost dinner party in a sepulcher.

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