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    aver - Dictionary definition and meaning for word aver

    (verb) report or maintain
    Synonyms : allege , say
    Example Sentence
    • He alleged that he was the victim of a crime
    • He said it was too late to intervene in the war
    • The registrar says that I owe the school money
    (verb) to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true
    Synonyms : affirm , assert , avow , swan , swear , verify
    Example Sentence
    • Before God I swear I am innocent
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for aver

A VERy confident statement!

A(affirmative) version

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aver: I Svear! (I swear)

AVER : Girl Says To DAD Mujhe Yahi VAR A-Ver(PATI-HUSBAND) Chahiye... So She Asserted or Declared Her Decision.

AVER: VER in the word comes from the word veracity which means truthfulness..so it also means to state a truth or fact..

Aver- A Verification... A(to) Ver(verify)

The woman AVERED that the guy was her VAR(husband)………. consider this situation in daily sops like kyunki ....

Aver -> Adver -> Advertise. Aver and Advertise both mean to make known or declare.

its similar to swear so you can relate it to that.........so aver means to promise or to assure or to affirm

aver == ever(everlasting) .i.e. a fact. asserting a fact!

ae + var(groom), means ur forcing sumthing ashish_kals: imagine a women calling her var ...idhar aa.....

ver means groom in hindi . so it like the bride declares him as his true husband

I'm a know-it-all, and my boyfriend has an aversion to my tendency to aver on things I don't really know.

aver : sounds like aware..so state something to make everybody aware of it.

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