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    apprehend - Dictionary definition and meaning for word apprehend

    (verb) get the meaning of something
    Example Sentence
    • Do you comprehend the meaning of this letter?
    (verb) take into custody
    Synonyms : arrest , collar , cop , nab , nail , pick up
    Example Sentence
    • the police nabbed the suspected criminals
    (verb) anticipate with dread or anxiety
    Synonyms : quail at
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for apprehend

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up your hands - said the FBI before grabbing the criminal.

appre (sounds simillar to hindi word UPPER karo)+ hend(HAND)...SO when POLICE come to ARREST SOMEONE or take someone in custody..they ask HANDS UP!!! appre (upper) + hands..

when you read it....read it like.....A PRE HAND......sitution....PERCEIVEING about sth which will happen in future.....

A+ppre+hend--- if we do (ppre+hend)prehand(like forehand which means doing somwthing in advance like if we do preparation in advance ) we will UNDERSTAND and PERCEIVE BETTER

read it like 'up re hand' >>> "chal aapne haath upar le"... police wala says like this only when arresting some criminal..

APPREHEND<===> पकड़ना (pr. \\pakaDDana \\ )[TransitiveVerb] Example:Pupils can easily apprehend the meaning of a word written in their vernacular.

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