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    annihilate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word annihilate

    (verb) kill in large numbers
    Example Sentence
    • the plague wiped out an entire population
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for annihilate

Can be remembered by inhalation of poisonous gas that causes destruction and death,also the incident: Union Carbide subsidiary pesticide plant released 40 tonnes of methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas, killing approximately 3,800 people.

you can remember Mortal Combat Total Annihilation movie or game right that way u can remember that its total destruction

Annihilate ~ Eliminate; So to ELIMINATE someone completely from your life.. means to kill them.

I GTA San Andreas game name the helicopter is "Annihilator" which fires missiles from it which destroyed the city and hence ANNHILATE means to DESTROY,

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anni + heal + late = that means anni (in telugu menas everythnig) heal ( to get better ) late ( takes a lot of time ). as it is completely destroyed ..!!

remember nihl of roadies who destroyed everyone to reach 2 finals

Anni + hil + ate; anyone + hill + ate; anyone living on hill will be eaten by tiger living there. tiger already killed large number of people living there

and + he(some doctor) + late >>> doctor late hone ki wajah se patient marr gaya.. woh DESTROY ho gaya..

ANNIHILATE<===> सत्यानाश करना/मिटाना९ (pr. \\satyanash karana/miTana9 \\ )[TransitiveVerb] Example:So far there is nothing that can annihilate cancer. ANNIHILATE<===> जड़ से मिटाना (pr

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