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    analgesic - Dictionary definition and meaning for word analgesic

    (noun) a medicine used to relieve pain
    Synonyms : anodyne , pain pill , painkiller
    (adj) capable of relieving pain
    Synonyms : analgetic , anodyne
    Example Sentence
    • the anodyne properties of certain drugs
    • an analgesic effect
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for analgesic

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anal(anus) + ges(gas).. when gas is released from anal we feel relief..so it is something which gives relief..

sick=pain; now say analgesic as ab na lage sic(pain)

a person who has taken analgesic, is in the state of analgesia.

Sounds like Anesthetic.

ANALGESIC<===> दर्दनाशक औषधि (pr. \\dardanashak auShadhi \\ )[Noun] Example:Aspirin is a mild analgesic.

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