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    amputate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word amputate

    (verb) remove surgically
    Synonyms : cut off
    Example Sentence
    • amputate limbs
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for amputate

a(r)m+put+ate : Imagine a silly situation.tiger ATE your ARM which is PUT for eating. so your arm is CUTOFF from your body

amputate ~ arm pe tape; you have to put tape on arm because its surgically cut.

Am-Put-At wheelchair cuz doctor had to cut leg to save me

amputate---> am(arm) + put + ate.......imagine a patient went to doctor after snake biting on leg,doctor told him to PUT his ARM to cut(ATE) his leg.

amputate= amplify+attentunate cut and pass

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amPUTate,concentrate on the highlighted word,put which rhymes with cut,so the meaning is CUT OFF

its pronounciation is like tempo,now i will memorise it as "while going through a TEMPO I meet an accident that is y i hv put a tape in my hand bcoz it was CUT in the accident.

AMPUTATE<===> काटना (pr. \\kaTana \\ )[TransitiveVerb] Example:He has a gangrene on his leg, we must amputate it.

AMPUTATE sounds like AMBULANCE somehow, or relate it with; so when you got cut off ur legs surgically due to severe accident, you must be taken to home by AMBULANCE.

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