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    amble - Dictionary definition and meaning for word amble

    (noun) a leisurely walk (usually in some public place) Definition
    (verb) walk leisurely
    Synonyms : mosey
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for amble

ambulance is a walking (moving) hospital; somnambulism is sleep walking; ambulatory = able to walk and not bedridden; and AMBLE obviously must mean simply walking

Sounds like tumble. Amble man always tumbles

it sounds like "HUMBLE". humble people walk slowly,showing great legacy

Amble sounds like AM(general)Lok. am lok akser paidal chalta hai.

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Amble sounds like Cam(B)le...its an easy n leisure walk as done by camels in deserts.

AMBLE:..SOUNDS LIKE ABLE....so you are ABLE to walk at an easy pace after a heavry injury....

There's an ample park to amble every evening.

amble ~ i am able; imagine your grand father saying you "i am able to walk at amble pace"

AMBLE<===> टहलना (pr. \\Tahalana \\ )[IntransitiveVerb] Example:They ambled along for an hour.

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