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    altercation - Dictionary definition and meaning for word altercation

    (noun) noisy quarrel
    Synonyms : affray , fracas
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A little bit of basic chemistry understanding is needed for this : Alter + cation : if you alter (change) cation, it will become anion... and there is always a dispute between cation and anion. (Both are of opposite nature)

When taken alteration of physical things like, cutting of clothes,marble,wood(by carpenter) there is always lots of noise. Isn't it?

altered ~ alter (means to change); When things are altered without telling the elders, then there may arise a noisy quarrel.

ALTERCATION (Altering conversation) Imagine a peaceful conversation altering into a noisy quarrel (as in group discussion)

alter something without asking gets mother angry

Altercation also means " an angry argument". All those words in that definition begin with the letter, a. In that case, it is alliteration. alliteration sounds like altercation.

ALTER+CAKE...when your birthday cakes are altered, you will be having disagreement or quarrel with the owner of the bakery....

altercation- imagine you alter your cat with another animal because it make noisy quarrel with your dog

altering opinion makes altercation

For the crazy couple, the alternate form of love conversation is fight.

ALTERCATION<===> झगड़ा (pr. \\jhagaDDa \\ )[Noun] Example:Altercations between Neena and Tina are quite common.

Altercation - Alter(other)+Cat = Two cats are fighting

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