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    agog - Dictionary definition and meaning for word agog

    (adj) highly excited
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for agog

Remember the song of Anil Kapoor: AG OG yeh bhi sunogi,kehta hu mai jo woh tum bhi sunoji..1 2 ka 4 4 2 ka 1, My name is lakhan.. ;) He is too excited in that song, and is curious to tell his story to everyone...

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a gog sounds like a dog(may be silly but helps) dog always barks.u shout wen ur excited.

agog ~ a goggle : Just imagine someone who got a new goggle as gift from someone on his birthday and is very excited to wear it while riding bike.

gog reminds google, think a guy get into google company,i am sure that day he will be excited like anything

The fans were AGOG over the arrival of Lady GAGA.

aGOG = sounds like gong = strike a bell with a gong - it gets excited and produces sound.

wen u race u feel excited wen refree say GO!!

Relate it to GOOGLE someone who tries to gain knowledge about everything through GOOGLE

i am highly exited and intensely curious about my new X-ray GOGgles

fog- would be dazed opposite would be gogged

When I get excited, I get GOOGLY eyes.

AGOG:Age Of Gwenethe Paltrow: u r curious n highly excited to know the true age of the famous actress Gwenethe Paltrow

relate to aragog... hagrid was curious to save aragog

Agog - when google stock goes from $40 to $500, the stock holders are very excited.

AGOG<===> उत्सुक (pr. \\utsuk \\ )[Adverb] Example:Ram was all agog at the thought of joining the new college.

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