affluence - Dictionary definition and meaning for word affluence

(noun) abundant wealth
Synonyms : richness
Example Sentence
  • they studied forerunners of richness or poverty
  • the richness all around unsettled him for he had expected to find poverty

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affleunce= a flow of cents means wealth
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ppl with fluent eng have wealth in affluence
4        2
sounds like influence. Rich people generally have influence over others, hence affluence can be related to richness.
3        0
Sounds like influence .. affluent people will have lot of influence
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afFLUENCE-fluence resembles somthing fluent in our mind. someone fluent in somthing will talk much to show there skill,which is there wealth.
1        4
richness is like flue to rich. rich get richer. so affluence is a flue in a sence
1        3
con on f.... fluient...foreigners fluency in eng is good because..they r rich;wealthy(studied in convents schools but we r in govt schools........
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A full bag of currency notes (wealth)
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A FLUEnt Flow of PENCE. -- Abundant Wealth (PENCE in UK is counterpart of CENTS in US or paisa of India)
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affluence- abbudance
0        1
sounds influence >> RICH ppl are mostly influencing as ppl follow them for money..
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fluence >>> ppl who study in convent are fluent in english.. they can study there as they are RICH enough to pay the fees..
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AFFLUENCE<===> समृद्धि (pr. \\samaRaddhi \\ )[Noun] Example:He lives a life of great affluence as his business is flourishing. AFFLUENCE<===> अमीरी (pr. \\amiri \\ )[Noun] AFFLUENCE<===> संपन्नता (pr
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