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    affiliation - Dictionary definition and meaning for word affiliation

    (noun) a social or business relationship
    Synonyms : association , tie , tie-up
    Example Sentence
    • a valuable financial affiliation
    • he was sorry he had to sever his ties with other members of the team
    • many close associations with England
    (noun) the act of becoming formally connected or joined
    Example Sentence
    • welcomed the affiliation of the research center with the university
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for affiliation

Affiliated to university…so joining of a college to a university..or association of college…

affiliation....AFFI+li+ation.......look at the letters AFF+ATION...this word rhyms like AFFecTION......SO YOU JOIN a group or you ASSOCIATE with only people whom you like or you have some kind of affection FOR THEM.

affiliation ~ a feel; you always have good feeling for people you are affiliated with.

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affiliation seems like affair and when you have affair with somebody you are really connected with him/her

AFFILIATION<===> सहबद्धता (pr. \\sahabaddhata \\ )[Noun] Example:Many schools are seeking affiliation to the college. AFFILIATION<===> संबंध (pr. \\sanabanadh \\ )[Noun]

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