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    yokel - Dictionary definition and meaning for word yokel

    (noun) a person who is not very intelligent or interested in culture
    Synonyms : bumpkin , chawbacon , hayseed , hick , rube , yahoo
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for yokel

sound like LOCAL..a local person who visits foreign countries is a rustic

yokel looking like gokul remember with gokul

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sounds like yorker ball to a cricketer...who is country's bumpkin or immature..inexpericed

Yokel can be linked to yoke(device to join two farm animals,so they can work together)..so yoke is related to farms and yokel would mean rustic

Bina AKAL(brains) ka aadmi is YOKEL

Yokel sounds like the guttural laugh of a Hick.

Can be linked with a person always yawning who is naturally a non interesting person

dudes y dont u take it like this imageine someone actually having their intellegence inside a egg yoke

a person who eats only egg yokes is strong but very dumb. he must live in a chicken farm to eat only eggs which means he is unaware of the city culture.

Yokel sounds like total...a person who is a total fumbler.


YOKEL = A person who is joked by every one in town is surely a unsmart village boy.

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