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    warren - Dictionary definition and meaning for word warren

    (noun) United States writer and poet (1905-1989)
    Synonyms : robert penn warren
    (noun) United States jurist who served as chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1891-1974)
    Synonyms : earl warren
    (noun) a series of connected underground tunnels occupied by rabbits
    Synonyms : rabbit warren
    (noun) an overcrowded residential area
    Synonyms : rabbit warren
    (noun) a colony of rabbits
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for warren

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barren-- nobody lives in barren lands.. warren(habitat for rabbits), is the opposite of barren, and can be described as a populous region because rabbits live in multitudes.

During WAR people RUN to refugee camps that are overcrowded living areas.

WARREN BUFFET...the world's richest person.....when he goes anywhere,the place becomes densely populated

WAR+ren(rain)--during AR and heavy RAIN time ..people choose to move to safer places and thus overcrowed the living area.

Warren buffet deals with stock market where its always crowded

barren lands--no body stays der. warren lan --people fight to stay der (war) and so its crowded

[Warren], split as: either WAR or RAIN, 'throng of people' is moved to a secured place.

you should know Estella Warren, (if you dont, google it) she resembles much to Rabbits! especially in playboy outfits

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