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    vulpine - Dictionary definition and meaning for word vulpine

    (adj) resembling or characteristic of a fox
    Synonyms : vulpecular
    Example Sentence
    • vulpine cunning
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for vulpine

VULP sounds like WOLF

PINE is sharp, thus it makes the syn :clever, crafty, cunning, foxy, ingenious, shrewdness, skillful, sly, tricky, wily.

Vultures usually work with foxes. Both of then are scavengers. Vulpine = Vulture partner Fox. Fox Like.

confusion is between lupine(wolf like) and vulpine (fox like). In marathi wolf means 'landaga' so it starts with 'l' so it can be associated with wolf and vulpine with fox

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Vul + Pine -> Pine Tree has sharp needle like leaves. So the Vulpine person is sharp, cunning like a fox.

vul(dog barking sound in tamil) sound in pine forest are like a fox.

Vulpine (fox like) and bovine (cow) both refer to animals. Equine: Horse like

cervine:deer ovine:sheep corvine:crow vulpine:wolf

The trick to distinguishing the fox-like vulpine / From the adjective meaning wolf-like lupine / Is to associate the "v" with voluptuous vixen / And the "l" with Harry’s lunar-loving Professor Lupin.

Vulpine- Professor Lupin in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, who is a warewolf.

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