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    vociferous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word vociferous

    (adj) conspicuously and offensively loud; given to vehement outcry
    Synonyms : blatant , clamant , clamorous , strident
    Example Sentence
    • blatant radios
    • a clamorous uproar
    • strident demands
    • a vociferous mob
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for vociferous


take the second part of word --> FEROUS !!! it is oer of IRON .. so when iron peices collide with each other ... they make noise !! "" ferous --> iron --> collide to make noise ""

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sounds like "voice of ferous(iron)" which is very noisy.

Vociferous (Voice(y) + Furs) Imagine a bird fluttering its wings rapidly in air. What kind of sound its FURS (of Wings) gonna make?? Very OFFENSIVELY LOUD SOUND.

Vociferous (loud)is the opposite of harmonious (peaceful).

vocy or walky talky is quite noisy

do you remembr the cindrella's aunty had a cat called LUCIFER. its a rugged cat which never listens to what the aunt says and makes noises. the arrogant cat. so lucifer = vocifer(ous) = noisy , loud

voice furious

vociferous = Voice + ferous (cut something); sound is going to cut something i.e loud sound.

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