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    vituperative - Dictionary definition and meaning for word vituperative

    (adj) marked by harshly abusive criticism
    Synonyms : scathing
    Example Sentence
    • his scathing remarks about silly lady novelists
    • her vituperative railing
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for vituperative

vitu (bite you) + perative (operator) => when you feel so pissed off on a unkind operator, you would say harshy abusive remarks like "I'll bite you operator" :-)

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In older days H2SO4 was called oil of vitriol that is severly bitter and caustic.VITUPERATIVE appears as 'operating' vitriol on someone.Note that vtriolic and VITUPERATIVE have almost similar meaning.

Remember the 'IT' (telephone) operator we always abuse and scold, for the internet connection being so slow

a small boy named Bittu (VITU-) ke upar (-PER-) hative (-[HATIVE) speech barsaana.

vit-operative...operative equals torturous so when 1 tortures using foul language,abusive language,the person is vitu(o)perative

VIT + operative >>> when we went in VIT for admission form filling, the operatives(office staff) there were very rude and were abusing and scolding students.. so we decided on it not to take admission in VIT..

With u(vitu) + per(but) rative(rate)....I will be with you if you take your regular rates....you r saying this to a female calling her a prostitute....kind of vituperative, abusive....

vituperative - abusive scolding will make wife vittu poiru va(leave and go in tamil)

Vituperative and invective (abusive remarks).

It has "VIPER" in it...a viper is a dangerous snake...snakes are harshly abusive in a way !

v+it+u+operative=> we always SCOLD IT(department) OPERATOR(h.o.d)

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