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    virile - Dictionary definition and meaning for word virile

    (adj) characterized by energy and vigor
    Example Sentence
    • a virile and ever stronger free society
    • a new and virile leadership
    (adj) characteristic of a man
    Synonyms : male , manful , manlike , manly
    Example Sentence
    • a deep male voice
    • manly sports
    (adj) (of a male) capable of copulation
    Synonyms : potent
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for virile

Virile (strong) is the opposite of fragile (sensitive).

Vir(Virya) in hindi means sperm...wich comes from man..hence Manly..

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VIRILE (veer + like) sounds like veer in hindi who is manly

vir+ile means virya(semen) waala.

PUERILE -Childish VIRILE -Manly

Virile sounds like nile,a river capable of growing crops..

vi + rail -> train will have strong strength

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