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    viable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word viable

    (adj) capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are Definition
    (adj) capable of life or normal growth and development
    Example Sentence
    • viable seeds
    • a viable fetus
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for viable

SURVIVABLE ! got it?

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vi(VIV=LIFE) + ABLE....so some one who is ABLE to live his LIFE.

via = through or way.... , able = possible..... so its something possible by a certain way or not! :)

via-way : so there is a way, so possible..

vi+able—vi(we) are able to do this, i.e., feasible

Viable (to survive)and reviveable (to give new life or strength).

vi: vision able: capable of able to see means able to live.

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