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    vertigo - Dictionary definition and meaning for word vertigo

    (noun) a reeling sensation; a feeling that you are about to fall
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for vertigo

sounds like WHERE-2-GO.. so when you dont know where to go, u feel a SEVERE DIZZINESS out of confusion

Vert represents height. When you look down from a great height, you tend to get dizzy.

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VERT(vertical)GO(to go) u get dizziness

Vertigo and tornado have something in common... they both, twirl. Vertigo twirls in your head, making you feel dizzy while a tornado comes like a twirling storm.

When u VERTIcally GO up to some height...u feel, head spinning round and unable to balance i.e DIZZINESS

travelling in vErtigo car in height will make you feel giddiness

vertigo: vert = vertcal , go = fall , so it is fear from falling vertically.

vertex+go.. that u are falling from a vertex .. means u r dizz..

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