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    vendetta - Dictionary definition and meaning for word vendetta

    (noun) a feud in which members of the opposing parties murder each other
    Synonyms : blood feud
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for vendetta

Ven (when)- d (the)- etta (attack)....when they attack each other they are in vendetta.

'v for vendetta' :) ~ vengeance

vendetta = when + death + accurs (occurs). so ask urself a question that WHEN -------- OCCURS DEATH OCCURS. u ll answer when a fight or conflict occurs death occurs. VEN conflict occurs DEath (A)occurs.

think of vendetaa which sounds like cassata filed with blood instead of stwawberiies

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ven koi kuch detta hai to ladai hota hai

vann + devata >>> vann devata ka jabb prakop hota hai taab saab jagli janwarr tumhe maarne ke liye aate hai,, aur tumm kitana bhi unako maaro woh tumhe maar karr hi rehate hai..

vendetta - ven(vendam in tamil)+detta(cut him in tamil). So dont take revenge

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