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    venal - Dictionary definition and meaning for word venal

    (adj) capable of being corrupted
    Example Sentence
    • corruptible judges
    • dishonest politicians
    • a purchasable senator
    • a venal police officer
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for venal

ve + nal = we null ....we can be easily bribed when we are null in terms of money ...

venal & penal are rhyming words..as penal is something related to crime..in that way we can remember venal as a crime(corruption).

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venal is somewhat related to veins that carries blood.a person taking bribes from poor is nothing but their blood sucker

The guy is venal because he has to pay dowry for her sister "menal's" marriage.

Venal can be related to vain which carries impure or bad blood ... corruption is also bad

sounds like villain which is corrupt person..behen ke lodo.........

v(we)+ en(enable) + al(all)by means of money i.e making dishonest.

venal sound like binash, from binash---> binosto (corrupted)

(LiL bit Abusing)venal=Chinal.Chinal is always corrupted

VENAL: Combination of two words. Very pENAL. PENAL relates to bad crimes that are punishable. Corruption is a good representation of such Very pENAL or VENAL deed.

venal: ve = we(wealth) is like Nal(hindi : means the tool inserted in horse nose to control him) for him i.e u can control him by money : corruptable

Rhymes with LEND I CAN'T. A mendicant is unable to lend money.

you have destroyed your life in venal i.e without doing anything.

NAL=(National aeronautic limited) V.E(like VP) of NAL is easily corruptable

venal - ve(we)+al(all) being bribe and corrupted

Kings of corruption often end up dead or imprisoned- eVEN AL capone.

Venal and disloyal are similar in sound and both mean... dishonesty.

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