venal - Dictionary definition and meaning for word venal

(adj) capable of being corrupted
Example Sentence
  • corruptible judges
  • dishonest politicians
  • a purchasable senator
  • a venal police officer

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for venal

ve + nal = we null ....we can be easily bribed when we are null in terms of money ...
56       19

by bandalkaran

venal & penal are rhyming penal is something related to that way we can remember venal as a crime(corruption).
21       9

by tariq431

venal is somewhat related to veins that carries blood.a person taking bribes from poor is nothing but their blood sucker
14       5

by mit006

The guy is venal because he has to pay dowry for her sister "menal's" marriage.
7       42


Venal can be related to vain which carries impure or bad blood ... corruption is also bad
4       2

by pintu89

venal sound like binash, from binash---> binosto (corrupted)
2       0

by abdullah71

v(we)+ en(enable) + al(all)by means of money i.e making dishonest.
2       0

by shaktipada

sounds like villain which is corrupt person..behen ke lodo.........
2       4

by manish_triveni

venal: ve = we(wealth) is like Nal(hindi : means the tool inserted in horse nose to control him) for him i.e u can control him by money : corruptable
1       9

by wolverine_goin_homeland

VENAL: Combination of two words. Very pENAL. PENAL relates to bad crimes that are punishable. Corruption is a good representation of such Very pENAL or VENAL deed.
1       0

by cheeseqo

(LiL bit Abusing)venal=Chinal.Chinal is always corrupted
1       0

by LokeshM

Venal and disloyal are similar in sound and both mean... dishonesty.
0       22

by pushpa_edit

NAL=(National aeronautic limited) V.E(like VP) of NAL is easily corruptable
0       18

by hritupon

Rhymes with LEND I CAN'T. A mendicant is unable to lend money.
0       1

by Lukas

you have destroyed your life in venal i.e without doing anything.
0       0

by shaktipada

venal - ve(we)+al(all) being bribe and corrupted
0       0

by sansecretcp

Kings of corruption often end up dead or imprisoned- eVEN AL capone.
0       0

by sushi

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