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    uxorious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word uxorious

    (adj) foolishly fond of or submissive to your wife
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for uxorious

Anyone will be uxorious to a LUXURIOUS woman with BUXOM breasts.

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Latin 'uxor' means wife and 'ous' means full of 2.uxoricide=killing of wife.uxor=wife , because of the pun, u (you) xor(in math=complement)=someone who complements

uxorious :U(you)+XORIsounds like JORU (wife) in hindi+OUS. so you are joru ka gulaam i.e excessively submissive or devoted to your wife

Uxorious and precious - The young man was so smitten (charmed) with his wife that he considered her as most precious to him. You could say he was uxurious.

u+xo+rious= U+OX+RIGOROUS ...NW imagine a wife commanding her husband," U OX(xo), complete this work rigorously ..!!"

In UX film Bacchan was excessively devoted to Ravina Tondon

The husband is dumb as an OX. When he is with his wife, he SOARS with pleasure. The OX SOARS with his wife.

according to newton's 3rd law, anyone who is uxorious will live his life luxurious...

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