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    unwonted - Dictionary definition and meaning for word unwonted

    (adj) out of the ordinary
    Example Sentence
    • an unwonted softness in her face
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for unwonted

WONTED=WANTED... name of salman khans film.....but if its sequel is named UNWONTED ,now that shall be UNCUSTOMARY=UNUSUAL...; )

Something that you Wont do - unusual

unwonted - u are not accustomed to something that is unwanted... r u?

Something that you WONT do... usually

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Unwonted along with Unexpected refers to something unusual.

wonted sounds like "wanted" which is necessity of everyone and usual in their life. so unwonted means unusual.

UNWANTED..people of some villages didn't WANT short clothes because it was not customary

imagine a person who gets everything he wants in life. now if something unwanted happens. it will be an unusual predicament for him

un wont(custom or habit)-> uncustomed

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