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    turgid - Dictionary definition and meaning for word turgid

    (adj) ostentatiously lofty in style
    Synonyms : bombastic , declamatory , large , orotund , tumid
    Example Sentence
    • a man given to large talk
    • tumid political prose
    (adj) abnormally distended especially by fluids or gas
    Synonyms : intumescent , puffy , tumescent , tumid
    Example Sentence
    • hungry children with bloated stomachs
    • he had a grossly distended stomach
    • eyes with puffed (or puffy) lids
    • swollen hands
    • tumescent tissue
    • puffy tumid flesh
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for turgid

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People always tell tragedies by overblowing them

TURGID= (TURBID and TURGID river). If there is extreme turbidity in the river, then the river must a turgid river(swollen),because it washes away the mud from the bank.

Tu(you) r(are) gid (gas+solid=gid) If you are all gas and solid about yourself, the you are POMPOUS

Turgid can be thought of opposite of RIGID..i.e.. can be SWOLLEN or DISTENDED

can be read as To+Get+rid of MUD = muddy

'tumid" "turgid" sounds like tumor...which means over blown

Iceberg(Turg) + in(i) + dialogue(d):- means using bombastic words in speech

the sea water is turgid.

it's boring as turd

turgid - giddy with gas or tummy

turgid - adj form of turgor which means vigor and energy - and when used too much it becomes turgid opposite to flaccid

Associate the G in turgid to Gross (swollen)

Sound similar to turn+gas= I'm bloated and I need to turn gas

TUR(swim)+ID - on ED's day I dont want to swim in water because it is very TURGID

Turgid and Tumid are synonyms which also rhyme.

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