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    tumult - Dictionary definition and meaning for word tumult

    (noun) a state of commotion and noise and confusion
    Synonyms : garboil , tumultuousness , uproar
    (noun) violent agitation
    Synonyms : turmoil
    (noun) the act of making a noisy disturbance
    Synonyms : commotion , din , ruckus , ruction , rumpus
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tumult

tu+mu = tu tu main main

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the word can be broken into TWO+MULK mulk is a group..we often see that there is a commotion,riot b/w two mulks

sounds like turmoil - disturbance

TUMULT or TUMULTUOUS and TEMPESTUOUS have the same sound and meaning i.e great confusion or disorder.

tumult , tumour a disease which is about to bring end to your life thus which creates confusion in your mind about wellbeing your parents in the future

Sounds like tumble. One can imagine that in a tumble there would be a tumult.

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