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    truculence - Dictionary definition and meaning for word truculence

    (noun) obstreperous and defiant aggressiveness
    Synonyms : truculency
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for truculence

truc(sound like truck) + cull(means to kill animals) + ance(hence).. the truck driver culled some of the animal while driving, hence the villagers are angry with him and are agressively barring him from entering the village.

sounds like turbulent means property of being wild i.e. showing aggressiveness.

A truculent person will tell you to "TRUCK" off

sounds very similar to DRACULA which is damn aggressive

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TRUCULENCE -> TRUCK. A TRUCK is difficult to move like a TRUCULENT person is difficult to change.

focus on first part.....relate it to trout.......an old lady who fights.....and hence she is very aggresive.

divide into...t+ruc(sounds like ruck....means group of people fighting....only when used as noun)+lence...(sounds like lens)now

TRUCULENCE and DEFIANCE are rhyming words with a similar meaning. Both the words mean - to be defiant (someone who does not listen to others and does what pleases him) and aggressive.

Truculence ==> Truck + Fence . imagine a truck hitting a fence of a farm and the farm owner getting very aggressive on truck driver. :P

truculence - True - Cool - lency = nowadays teenagers things it is truly cool to just be defiant and aggressive

if u play SSBBrawl, you will know that Ike is a "truck" and that his attacks are quite aggressive

because of the driver's truculence, a crash between a TRUCK & an AMBULANCE happened.

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