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    torpid - Dictionary definition and meaning for word torpid

    (adj) slow and apathetic
    Synonyms : inert , sluggish , soggy
    Example Sentence
    • she was fat and inert
    • a sluggish worker
    • a mind grown torpid in old age
    (adj) in a condition of biological rest or suspended animation
    Synonyms : dormant , hibernating
    Example Sentence
    • dormant buds
    • a hibernating bear
    • torpid frogs
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for torpid

tor-pid like a tor-toise, we all know they-are-slow...

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The opposite of a TORPEDO. Also, get the negative connotation by its visual and aural similarity to "stupid."

TORPID -> STUPID people are slow and apathetic.

Personify a tornado, and think pid is similar to ped, or pedestrian. Though tornadoes spin at destructive speeds, they trans-locate (ped) at a slow, lethargic pace by comparison. Think: <B>pedestrian tornado</B>.

tortoise peed slowly,inactively

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