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    tome - Dictionary definition and meaning for word tome

    (noun) a (usually) large and scholarly book
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tome

when you are asked to read a really Large Book, Then you say with surprise "TO ME"??? .. ;)

tome-- consider TOMe,(tom n jerry) tom is big( large volume) than jerry..

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(T)heory h(OME) ie theory home ie large book of facts

TOME is the Home of a book or a large volume.

tome resembles dome....a dome is enormous and large in volume....

TOME is a book that weighs a TON

imagine a worm reading a tome

an EPIC(usually large book like bible) is an EPITOME(best example) for a TOME

Tome= To cut (A cut part of a large book here) Dichotomy: Cut into mutually exclusive or contradictory groups or entities. Appendectomy: : surgical removal of the vermiform appendix Epitome:To cut into a summary , a perfect model.

Go home and read this tome

Picture a tomb made of books

tome-imagine that ome is written in front the religious book which is obvious to be large

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